Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday's Led Practice Report

Today was led primary at the shala. These days I enjoy led practices because for one, I don't forget any poses. The other reason that I enjoy led classes is that I usually get assists in poses that I don't generally get assisted in. I was assisted in parivritta trikonasana this morning and it was a much more intense stretch of my hamstrings that I'm used to and the rotation was much deeper as well. I was also assisted in prasarita padottanasana b and c. I'm slowly getting closer to lowering my head to the floor on my own.

I managed to lower myself down into my new version of bhujapidasana without slamming my chin on the floor. I'd say it was about a 6 on the graceful scale. I managed to lift myself about three quarters of the way up before falling out of the pose.I'd give myself a 4 on the graceful scale for the exit. Believe it or not this is an improvement. My teacher didn't like my oh so ungraceful head plop to floor technique so he has me working on this version. I must say that I do like control of the descent but it's more difficult to keep my feet off the floor.

Tomorrow's a moon day and I won't be practicing, I'll be taking the day off and I'll be out in California visiting with family and friends. I haven't decided where or with whom I'll practice while I'm there so I'm doing some research. It will be interesting to practice with someone other than my regular teacher and the assistants whom I adore and know my practice so well.

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