Monday, March 14, 2011

An Open Letter to My Hamstrings

Dear Hamstrings,

We've come a long way. Gone are the days of waking up and the act of just getting out of bed seemed liked the biggest chore. Gone are the days when it felt like bricks of lead were permanently attached to my thighs. I'm impressed, the progress is measurable. Hello straight legged paschimotadasana.

But as far as we've come (we've come a long way baby) and as appreciative as I am, I sill want more out of you. I yearn achieve the full expression of poses such as kurmasana, and padangushthasana. Instead of the embarrassingly pathetic excuse for those poses that I've been doing. I turn green with envy each time I see one of my shalamates easily glide into those poses with their cooperative hamstrings.

I've been putting in the work and I'd appreciate it if you would be willing to meet me half way. I've been working my quads really hard in back bending to give you a bit of a break and to balance things out. I go in the steam room after practice when I have time and I even splurge on massages when time and money allow. I'm not sure what else I can do but I am open to suggestions.

Yours truly,

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