Monday, March 7, 2011

An Amazing Practice with Jörgen Christiansson

I had originally planned to head back to YogaWorks today to practice as I mentioned in my previous post. However, last night I was catching up on the blogs that I read and doing some additional research and I found out about  Jörgen Christiansson and his Omkar108 shala. After reading the reviews of his shala it seemed like a place where serious Ashtangis go to practice. Not that I even consider myself an ashtangi hence the namce of this blog but I do like a serious practice with serious teachers in a serious environment.  And serious it was, but Jörgen himself was very warm and welcoming.

I try not to judge my practices by the assists that I receive but I did receive some great assists and because the room was nice and toasty I was feeling extra flexible in my unusually tight hamstrings. He help me bind in marichyasana d and we did this thing where I first twisted for a few breaths without binding and then he helped me actually bind in the pose. Doing it that way made the whole process seem a lot easier and like a lot less work on both of our parts. I also got a pretty intense baddha konasana assist which I'm sure I"ll pay for tomorrow. During the assist  Jörgen jokingly asked if that was my favorite pose and I vehemently shook my head no. Lastly, as I was coming up into headstand I kept saying to myself "please don't fall over in this foreign shala in front of all these strangers" and  Jörgen must have sensed something as well because as soon as I felt myself start to tip over he was there to catch me. Yes, it was as embarrassing as it seems. I did the pose again with a different hand position and him spotting me and it went over much better.

As I was leaving he walked me out of the room and asked me how long I would be in town and I told him that unfortunately I'll be leaving today but I did promise him that I would be back next time I am in town. Before I left he asked that I give his regards to my teacher back home which I will definitely do.

The next time you're in LA I definitely suggest that you check out Jörgen at Omkar108.The practice room is a decent size but be sure to bring your own mat and towel.

11154 Washington Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90232


  1. Thanks for adding me to your blog roll.
    Looking forward to meeting up the next time you practice at Jorgen's shala.

  2. I really enjoyed practicing with Jorgen while I was there and I should be back in LA for a few days in June. i'll definitely let you know as the time gets closer.