Sunday, March 6, 2011

Practice Away from Home

As I'm out in LA this weekend visiting family I practiced at YogaWorks in Santa Monica with Jodi Blumstein. It was my first time practicing at a foreign shala and I must say that I pretty attached to my shala and my teacher. One of the things that got me through today's practice was the fact that my regular teacher is off teaching a workshop this weekend and therefor I'm not really missing much back home.

I arrived fairly early for the practice and there were only two other people practicing in the room when I arrived. The room was a blistering 65 degrees Fahrenheit!! Needless to say my hamstrings protested most of the way through the suryas. I did five of each to really give myself a chance to get warmed up but I omitted most of the jumping back to chaturanga because the mat I was practicing on was very thin. Jodi arrived just as I was finishing the standing postures and I took a moment to introduce myself. She asked me where I was from and where I practiced and after I told her she was able to guess who my teacher was. After I confirmed that her guess was correct a huge smile came over her face. Apparently she practiced with him back in India 9 years ago, I assume they were fond memories because her expression was priceless.

The room warmed up slightly and overall practice was nice, my body was aching and yearning for it since I hadn't practiced since Thursday morning and I spent 6 hours on a flight out here. I was assisted in marichasyna d and supta kurmasana,no binding unfortunately in the latter. I did however, manage to lift myself up out of the pose with both control and grace and jump back to chaturanga (I think my teacher and one of the  regular assistants would be proud).

Jodi seemed like a sweet and caring teacher but she was also pretty chatty which is something that I'm not used to in the shala. Tomorrow I'm in for a new adventure as I'll be practicing with yet another new teacher Maria Villella.

I had initially planned to practice at Ashtanga Yoga Los Angeles today with James Butkevich but as I was searching for the address to put into my GPS it came up as permanently closed on my iPhone map. I tried calling the studio but the number came us as disconnected.

YogaWorks - Santa Monica Montana
1426 Montana Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90403
(310) 393-5150

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