Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Love Back Bending

I really enjoy assisted back bending at the end of class. One of the reasons that I enjoy assisted back bending is because it really doesn't seem like much work (at least not at this point). I breathe out lean back, breathe in and the teacher lifts me up. Easy breezy. For someone like me with thighs of steel and the most inflexible hamstrings known to man you may understand why I find back bending such a pleasant experience. Now I have a feeling that my perspective on this will all change once my teacher tells me that I have to drop back and lift myself up without his support but for the time being I really enjoy it.

One of the added benefits of back bending that I find is the endorphin rush that I get from a really deep back bend. Recently my teacher has started walking my hands in ever so slightly closer to my heels. Of course because I can't see anything while I'm in that pose it feels as though my hands are millimeters from my heels but I'm sure photographic evidence will prove otherwise. However, I'm not complaining.

I'm just happy right now to be able to experience such a positive effect on the rest of my day from a single pose/assist. Today by the time I got to the office I was absolutely buzzing and hearing the news about the broken coffee maker did nothing to affect my yoga high. It wasn't until after lunch that I even started to come down from it. Perhaps I should start doing back bends in the afternoons with the assistance of colleagues.

*Illustration by Boonchu Tanti

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