Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kicking As-ana

I practiced this morning and all I can say is that I kicked some as-ana. Actually, practice was ok but compared to my most recent pathetic attempts at practice today's practice was pretty good. I was able to practice my jump backs and jump throughs which was nice.

After I got home from practice today I started thinking about my practice in general for the past month and a half and I kind of feel like I hit a plateau. I'm tempted to say that I'm a little frustrated by it but that's not 100% accurate either because I still enjoy the daily practice and I know that I shouldn't be attached to results. However, when my less rational and results driven side starts taking up residence in my mind space I start asking myself questions like:
"when will I be able to consistently bind on the left side of marichyasana d?" "when will I be able to straighten my legs in kurmasana?"
"when will I be able to bind my hands for more than a millisecond in supta kurmasana?"
"when will I be able to balance on my own in kukkutasana?"
"when will I be able to reach my knees to the floor without my teachers full body weight on my thighs in baddha konasana?"
And the list goes on. I know that Guruji says "practice and everything is coming" but I've got a consistent 5-6 day a week practice and I'd like to see more of what's coming from all of the practice I've been putting into it. And I realize that in the grand scheme of things 5-6 months of practice really isn't that long and when I have thoughts like the ones stated above it's all the more proof that I need to continue with my asana practice to quiet my mind and to move me further along the path to enlightenment.  

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